Dear Friend, welcome to Kam Lee TKA, a premier Chinese Martial Arts Black Belt Academy in Fleming Island, Florida.

We are very excited that you have chosen to join our Academy. We are glad that you have chosen this journey, that with proper training and guidance, will enable you or your child to fulfill your dreams and achieve the goals you have set. We are dedicated to helping students like yourself or your child to reach any personal goals that you have set.

If this is your first experience with Kung Fu or Tai Chi
Please note that it is normal to feel some changes in your muscles especially in the legs and thighs as your circulation increases and unused muscles are being toned and re-conditioned.  After a few weeks of conditioning, your legs and arms should feel stronger and your body better and healthier. Chinese martial arts including Taijiquan have been proven to strengthen bones, ligaments and tendons. It also helps to reduce hypertension, stress and keep weight under control. Our unique programs are tailored to fit each individual from the young to seniors. Apart from learning self-defense, children also benefit from TKA’s old school Kung Fu training of discipline in respect, focus and self-esteem which are so important in our modern daily lives.

Member's website convenience:
Please visit us on our Member Site often for changes and news information. When you access this site ( from your android or smart phone, an App will automatically appear on your phone. The student's Login section on our website is open to all active students of our school. This student page contains our complete school rules, curriculum, related readings and other interesting information on our activities. Student privileges, programs
and related links will be updated from time to time. You can view this section only when you are an active student or in the case of a child, his or her parents. If you need a password to get into the Student’s section or has forgotten your password, give us a call or request it from the front desk.
Missing Class:
If you know you are going to miss your regular class, do give us a call and let us know. Our number is 215-6111. If you change your address, email or phone numbers please notify us promptly so we can update your profile and make sure that you received the latest school information and announcement.
We look forward to learning and training with you.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can also email us at Your input is greatly welcome. Once again, welcome to TKA!
Master Kam Lee